Thursday, June 20 2024

Cocaine smuggling scandal uncovered in Thessaloniki, Greece

 cocaine thessaloniki arrest
Ten people were arrested in the town of Thessaloniki, Greece, in connection with the shipment of 104 kilos of cocaine from Ecuador to Thessaloniki in a container of bananas.
The ten people were arrested on May 9, including the 69-year-old alleged ringleader of the gang. He and his brother had been accused of involvement in a number of serious cases of cigarette and fuel smuggling in Thessaloniki and had been sentenced to several years in prison. Another suspect was also previously involved with military-type inflatable boats doing routes between Greece and Libya in 2020. 
The arrested had also previously attempted to import 5 tons of cocaine into Greece from Peru, according to the case file opened by the Narcotics Department of Thessaloniki that handles the case.