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Concerns about increased migrant flows - In Crete, the Greek Minister of Migration and Asylum

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Concerns have been reaised by the increased migratory flows in Crete in recent months.

HDN Newsroom

As the Greek Minister of Migration and Asylum, Dimitris Kairidis, pointed out, speaking to SKAI TV, despite the fact that in the east things are going well and there is now control in the southeastern and northeastern Aegean, in Crete there is a problem.

According to the Minister, this mobility has been observed in Crete since last November and "caution is needed". They are, as he said, mainly Egyptians, economic migrants.

Mr. Kairidis, responding to a question about where these people are accommodated, pointed out that "we do not have structures in Crete. We do not have the infrastructure to be able to manage this situation. They are hosted in open spaces or in a children's camp outside Chania, in makeshift infrastructure. I have spoken with the Regional Governor, with the locals. I will go to Crete to see how we can deal with this problem safely for the local community, as we have done everywhere in Greece."

According to him, an agreement between the EU and Egypt is imminent that will include the metastatic on the Tunisian model.

However, Mr. Kairidis stressed that "we will not live through the migration crisis of 2015."

Mr. Kairidis' interview (in Greek)