Friday, June 21 2024

COVID-19: Greece apparently faring better than global

Greece's ranking in the macabre global standings of coronavirus-related deaths appears to be improving, both in absolute terms as well as in the number of fatalities per million of residents.

As of April 19, Greece was in 58th place in terms of total confirmed Covid-19 infections, down from 52nd place a week earlier, and 43rd place a week before that.

Based on the figures, Greece fields 214 infectors per every million of residents, with the ratio putting it in 85th place, down from 81st a week earlier. The global average of infections per million of residents is roughly 309, putting the east Mediterranean country below the international average.

As of the previous weekend, which coincided with Orthodox Easter Sunday, the country reported 114 coronavirus-related deaths, 46th in terms of absolute fatalities amongst the international standings of countries with reliable public health statistics.

Compared with its population, Greece reports 11 fatalities per every million of residents, putting it in 58th place, down from 49th a week ago and 38th place two weeks ago, respectively.

Compared to other EU partners, the country of roughly 11 million residents is in 21st place, dropping from 18th and 17th place a week and two weeks ago, respectively.

The global average - again of countries with reliable public health statistics - is 21 Covid-19 deaths per every million of residents.