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Crazy-low landings at Skiathos airport! (vid)

 Crazy-low landings at Skiathos airport! (vid)

The airport at St Maarten is often known as one of the most dangerous in the world – for spectators, if not for travellers – thanks to the location of its runway with a public beach at one end, and a mountain at the other.

The extremely low flights of planes, including double-decker 747s, on their approach to land in the small runway strip, has made it one of the most popular sights on YouTube. Bit it might have a contender as one of the most insanely close landing runways in Greece. The airport of the island of Skiathos has also become very popular with plane watchers, as the videos posted on social media show.

Planes skimming over the beach and the ability to get so close to the runway makes it a huge draw for tourists and “avgeeks” (plane enthusiasts), who flock to take photos. Videos of “dangerous” landings regularly do the rounds on social media, as do selfies of swimwear-clad tourists sunbathing as a plane passes over them.