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Crete among the world’s top spring destinations

Crete among the world’s top spring destinations

Crete is on the list of Condé Nast Traveller’s top global destinations to visit this spring.

Specifically, the island’s famous Balos beach is at the very top of the list by the authoritative UK website, featuring 24 of the best destinations for holidays in April. Easter falls in April this year, when the weather usually begins to improve, especially in the islands of southern Europe. Crete is well known for being one of the warmest places in Greece, year-round.

As Condé Nast notes, beyond this Easter season, travelers can enjoy that fact that Crete’s famous beaches will not be overcrowded, including picturesque Elafonisi, which is usually too crowded in the summer. The advice of the travel website gurus is for visitors to go as far south as possible, to find the “real Crete,” not yet filled with resorts.

“Spectacular, steep mountain routes cross quiet villages, where taverns usually produce their own meat, cheese and wine. They will almost certainly give you free rounds of homemade raki after a meal. It is better to plan to stay the night,” the article says.


Also on the list of top springtime destinations is Cyprus, described as an excellent destination for beach holidays and hiking.  Surprisingly, the article advises visitors to avoid the large beaches and venture inland instead. There, they will be able to enjoy cycling and walking, and exploring the island’s small villages, countryside, and mountains.

It is also noted that April is the greenest month of the year in Cyprus, and visitors can enjoy hiking across meadows and along numerous walking trails. If the weather permits, it may be warm enough to enjoy a swim in the sea. 

Condé Nast Traveller’s list of top destinations for this spring includes options that cater for all tastes, whether one wants to go for a skiing holiday in the Swiss Alps, a Mediterranean island, an exotic destination further afield, or a city break. The article also notes the minimum and maximum temperatures of the season for each destination.