Thursday, June 20 2024

Dendias meets Zelenskyy, stresses full solidarity

Dendias meets Zelenskyy, stresses full solidarity

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias reiterated during his meeting on Wednesday in Kyiv with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy that Greece will continue to demonstrate complete solidarity with Ukraine and fully condemns any attempt to change borders by the forces of revisionism.

Greece’s support for Ukraine, both in the bilateral context and in the context of NATO and the European Union, has a solid basis, he noted. “The basis for this is respect for international law, the territorial integrity and independence of all states, and the United Nations Charter,” he stressed.

According to diplomatic sources, Zelenskyy thanked Dendias for Greece’s moral and material support to Ukraine, as well as for the proposal to declare Odessa a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dendias also referred to Turkey’s aggressive stance against Greece.

“I had the opportunity to highlight the fact that Greek society is facing similar challenges. It is being threatened by a larger neighbor in a way that is completely contrary to international law, and consequently Greek society can very easily understand a people who are fighting for their independence and territorial sovereignty,” he added.

Dendias met earlier with his Ukrainian counterpart, Dmytro Kuleba, saying that Greece condemns the attacks on Kyiv as war crimes. “Respect for international law, territorial integrity and the sovereignty of all people is the main focus of Greece’s foreign policy,” said Dendias in a statement uploaded to social media.

Earlier, the two ministers and their delegations were forced to take refuge in a bomb shelter as air-raid sirens sounded during their meeting.