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Dendias: 'NATO agencies must respect all allies'

Dendias: 'NATO agencies must respect all allies'

Referring to a message posted this week by the NATO Land Command based in Izmir regarding Turkey’s “Victory Day,” Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias stressed, “The agencies of the Alliance, starting with its leadership, the secretary-general, must respect and honor all the allies and the principles of the Alliance.”

LANDCOM’s message, he said, was a “divergence from the principles of alliance.” Dendias highlighted Greece’s long-standing contribution to NATO in recent decades while noting his satisfaction that the Alliance had responded after Athens lodged a demarche over the issue on Wednesday and “NATO took corrective action.”

Dendias noted that Turkey’s comments on Greece on the centenary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe “were not fitting for an allied country.” “We, for our part, will not slip into a rhetoric of reviving the past. As a European democracy, we look to the future,” he added.