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Deputy Mayor of Kastellorizo: We must extend to 12 nautical miles, we are not afraid of Turkish provocations

The Deputy Mayor of Kastellorizo, Stratos Amygdalos, spoke to Sputnik Hellas about the Turkish provocation and about life on the island ​​before and after the coronavirus.

Amygdalos, sends a message of unity , calm and readiness.

“I do not think we are afraid of Turkish provocation. There is fake news and propaganda on the other side. There are many issues in between, so day by day, we see what dawns on us and there is a patience to see where things will go,” he said.

“I believe that this is the time when our country must extend its 12 nautical miles here as well,” said the Deputy Mayor, adding “it is a prolonged great crisis. People are not indifferent, they have a concern and they are trying to assess the situation,” the Deputy Mayor continued.

" alt="" />Deputy Mayor Stratos Amygdalos of Kastellorizo Kastelorizo Megitsi
Deputy Mayor Stratos Amygdalos of Kastellorizo.

Life in Kastellorizo ​​before and after the coronavirus

Continuing, the Deputy Mayor describes life on the island before and after the coronavirus :

“Before the pandemic, the island was based on tourism. Some steps were taken in the private sector in terms of providing services with continuous improvements every year. We worked a little in August and September. However, the coronavirus and the Greek-Turkish tensions made the situation difficult. Several tourists left, but tourism started again after a week,” he explained.

Before the pandemic, as he explains to Sputnik Hellas, there were thousands of tourists from Turkey, as well as from European countries.

“The neighbor gave a tonic injection to the island through tourism. We are waiting for the vaccine for the opening of tourism,” underlined Amygdalos.

At the same time he states that the level of infrastructure on the island is improving .

The goal is to claim a direct flight from Athens and to create a technical school.

The attempt to build a pharmacy in Kastellorizo

The Deputy Mayor of Kastellorizo ​​also referred to the effort to improve the island’s health system, as well as to the struggle to acquire a pharmacy. As he stressed, the health system has been improving in the last two years, while he noted the effort being made to staff the doctor’s office with a general practitioner.

Regarding the pharmacy, Amygdalos stressed that he will try to operate as his absence is one of the open wounds of the island .

“A lesson learned from the vandalism of the Greek flag”

Regarding the vandalism that had taken place with the red paint on the Greek flag on the island, the Deputy Mayor reiterates that it was “a disease that became a lesson so that we do not rest and have our eyes open.”

In closing, he describes the island’s promotion in the international media as positive and states that many voices are raising awareness in favor of Kastellorizo.

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Lambros Zacharis is a correspondent for Sputnik Hellas.