Monday, July 15 2024

Dramatic temperature drop and storms forecasted for Greece


Very high temperatures are being experienced in most parts of Greece today, again, while the temperatures are forecast to drop starting from the western parts of the country, mostly due to the very strong northwesterly winds.

HDN Newsroom

A significant drop in temperatures is expected for tomorrow, Thursday, with very strong northwesterly winds and storms in northeast.

According to the updated severe weather warning regarding heatwave Cleon, which had brought elevated temperatures since July 12, the highest temperatures on Wednesday will be in Thessaly, Central Greece and the eastern and southern Peloponnese, ranging between 43C to 45C, while in eastern Central Greece and the eastern Peloponnese they may climb as high as 46C.

On Thursday, temperatures are to drop throughout the country by a minimum of 8C and not exceed 35C to 37C.

A change in the weather was forecast in northwestern Greece later on Wednesday and specifically in the northern Ionian Sea, the regions of Epirus and Western Macedonia with intermittent storms and very strong northwesterly winds. These intense phenomena are predicted to affect the regions of Central Macedonia, Thessaly and Sporades islands early on Wednesday evening before gradually spreading to the rest of the northern Aegean and eastern Macedonia.