Friday, May 24 2024

Driver of shocking accident in Athens who hit 5 people says they appeared suddenly in front of car


A driver who hit five people - a grandmother, the mother and three young children - while driving on a central street in Athens, on Wednesday night, told police that they “appeared suddenly” in front of his car.

HDN Newsroom

The 26-year-old hit a 53-year-old woman, her 33-year-old daughter, and the latter’s three children, aged 10, eight and five. The 5-year-old boy was transferred to Aglaia Kyriakou Children’s Hospital and is in critical condition, while his two siblings suffered high injuries. The two women are being treated for knee and tibia fractures, respectively.

Authorities are waiting for the results of the driver’s blood tests to establish whether he was under the influence of alcohol or other substances.