Thursday, July 18 2024

EU calls out Turkey over provocations against Greece

toukia f16 oinousses

The European Union has officially intervened, a rare occasion, following Turkish provocations against Greece expressing its concerns about the flight of Turkish military aircraft 2.5 miles from the military base of Alexandroupolis.

 EU External Action Service Secretary-General Stefano Sannino tweeted that he had protested to the Turkish Permanent Representation to the EU over Ankara’s provocations, expressing “Brussels’ grave concern” over Turkish violations.

In his message, the EU official called on Turkey to respect international law and abstain from actions that undermine cohesion among the allies at this critical juncture.
In detail, the tweet states: “Transmitted to Amb. Bozay @AvbirDT our serious concern about Turkey’s military aircraft’s flights near Greek city of Alexandroupolis. Respecting international law & refraining from actions undermining cohesion between allies is at this critical juncture more important than ever”.