Thursday, June 20 2024

Eva Kaili: This is the prison the Greek former MEP will spend Christmas in. What will happen to her child.

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Under arrest for one more month remains the Greek former vice-president of the European Parliament, Eva Kaili, as decided by the Judicial Council in Brussels, regarding her involvement in Qatargate since her request to be released with an electronic bracelet was rejected. So, Eva Kaili will spend Christmas and New Years in prison. However, the prison she is held is not an ordinary one.
The prisons of Haren where Eva Kaili is held  are not like traditional prisons. They resemble a village consisting of several buildings and units, each of which holds around 30 people.
Prisoners are divided into buildings according to their profile and age and can move freely around the premises of the unit. They participate in mandatory activities such as kitchen or laundry services.
Haren prisons hold different types of people: men, women, women with children, young prisoners and psychiatric patients. In total, the village can accommodate up to 1,190 prisoners, who live in groups of individuals that function autonomously and as a single social group.
Prison officers deal with prisoners’ employment, which includes work, sports activities, relaxation and learning.
The prison “village” of Haren is considered ecologically sustainable, as various energy saving methods are applied: solar panels on the roofs, 37,000 square meters of greenery, geothermal heat and power generation pumps.
What will happen to Eva Kaili's daughter 
Prisons have the ability to “host” mothers with their children. According to information, it is customary in Haren prisons for female inmates to have their children with them.
Five specially designed bedrooms can accommodate mothers with their babies, while the state-of-the-art prisons have an indoor and outdoor play area as well as a small garden.
However, a 2018 article talked about a total of 6 children who lived and grew up in Belgian prisons with their mothers. As the article said, their upbringing conditions were miserable, something that would change with the construction of the long-awaited Haren prison.
“When night comes and he and his mother find the cold bars of their door, the psychological consequences can be significant. There have been reshuffles in many prisons in Belgium. But it remains a prison. It is not ideal for a child,” notes a representative of the prison administration.
Something like this seems to worry Eva Kaili as well, who according to information has not been in contact with her 2-year-old daughter at all since the day she was arrested.