Thursday, July 25 2024

Ex-PM Samaras says same-sex legislation is ‘dangerous,’ vows to vote against


Former New Democracy prime minister Antonis Samaras vehemently criticized the government’s proposed legislation on same-sex couples during a speech preceding Thursday’s cross-party vote on the bill. Samaras argued that the bill would significantly alter family law and declared his intention to vote against what he termed a “dangerous draft law.” 


The conservative MP emphasized that the bill’s foundation was rooted in a fabrication, asserting that “same-sex marriage does not constitute a human right.” Regarding the granting of parenthood rights to same-sex couples, he maintained that “a child requires both a father and a mother.”

“The proposed legislation represents a fundamental departure from national law and contradicts the beliefs of millions of Greeks. The government should not have introduced it,” Samaras said.

Additionally, he expressed strong disapproval of the government’s management of Greek-Turkish relations and the Friendship Agreement signed in Athens in early December.  

“Sovereign arrogance may lead the government to disconnect from reality and society,” he remarked.

The vote on the same-sex marriage bill is scheduled for Thursday night. If passed, the bill would bestow full parental rights upon same-sex couples but would not permit male partners to pursue children born in Greece through surrogacy.