Tuesday, July 16 2024

Exclusive photo of hole in Turkish warship from collision with Greek frigate

Protothema.gr exclusively brings to light photos of the damage the Turkish warship ship Kemal Ries sustained after it carried out a risky maneuvre in front of the Greek frigate “Limnos”.

On August 12, Greece and Turkey came close to a hot incident when the Turkish frigate ” Kemal Reis”, accompanying the survey ship Oruc Reis, collided with the Greek frigate “Limnos” which was monitoring the movements of the Turkish flotilla in the area.

After the dangerous maneuver of the Turkish frigate that led to the collision with “Limnos”, the captain of the Greek ship Ioannis Saliaris informed the frigate fleet commander about the incident that had just occurred. The interception did not cause any damage to Limnos, but resulted in the Kemal Reis suffering a hole in the starboard. The Turkish frigate was to the left of the Greek one, so, according to the international navigation rules , it should have given priority to the Greek warship.

The captain of the Greek frigate Limnos, Lieutenant Captain Ioannis Saliaris, was following a steady course and continued to monitor the Turkish research ship. The Turkish frigate Kemal Reis continued to approach the Greek warship and when it had reached about 450 yards from the Greek warship, the captain of the Turkish frigate that had Limnos on his right – according to the rules of international navigation he had to give priority to the Greek frigate – swerved. The result was the Greek frigate with the bow part colliding with the starboard of the Turkish frigate .