Sunday, June 23 2024

Far-right Spartiates MPs under severe scrutiny


Eleven MPs of the far-right Spartiates (Spartans) party have been summoned to provide explanations as suspects by Supreme Court Prosecutor Georgia Adeilini regarding their potential involvement in electoral fraud during this year’s legislative elections.

HDN Newsroom

A request has already been made to Parliament to lift their immunity.

As outlined in the prosecutor’s document addressed to the Speaker of Parliament, despite their official affiliation with the Spartiates party under the leadership of Vassilis Stigas, it appears that they were receiving support and direct guidance from Ilias Kasidiaris, the former deputy leader of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn group, who is currently incarcerated.

As emphasized in the prosecutor’s document, “the aforementioned individuals effectively used the Spartiates party as a front for a new political entity under Ilias Kasidiaris, thereby aiding him in circumventing the electoral restrictions imposed by election legislation.”

In the June elections, the Spartiates party secured 4.68 percent of the vote, electing 12 MPs. The party currently holds 11 seats as several MPs have come and gone amid disputes with Stigas.