Thursday, June 20 2024

First cabinet meeting today under PM Mitsotakis (video)

Mitsotakis new cabinet
Photo EPA
Greel prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, outlined today his new administration’s goals for the next term to the members of the cabinet which met for the first time after Sunday’s elections.
Prime Minister's key points for the next 4 years:
Better wages, better public health, a better state, better life in a strong Greece,
– We do not forget that the country would have had a government with an absolute majority from the first elections without the adventure of simple proportionality. In the climate of complacency, some have opted for lax voting and smaller parties because of what I had warned that multiple party formations might cause political cacophony. But the state knows how to protect itself.
– They judged positions and behaviours that promote honesty with an unprecedented maturity
– At the same time they condemned divisive policies.
– Unprecedented are also the responsibilities that come from a broad popular mandate that was entrusted to us. They trusted us for prosperity
– It was an unprecedented victory. There is no other government that increased its rates by a huge margin than political rivals. We are grateful to the Greek people
The 63 ministers and deputy ministers were waiting at their seats in the cabinet meeting area with the “blue envelopes” with the goals and priorities at three levels.
The files include the immediate interventions that must be launched, while for all ministries planning has been done for a six-month horizon, until the end of 2023. At the same time, the files also contain a more general description of the central objectives of each minister’s portfolio for a four-year horizon, until 2027.
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