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Four magical beaches in Lefkada you must visit

Four magical beaches in Lefkada you must visit

Mykonos might be getting all the press, but there is a gem of an island on the west coast of Greece that is truly breathtaking and worth visiting, especially if you are a lover of natural beauty. Lefkada has some insanely magical beaches, many of which consistently feature on multiple ‘best of’ European or even global lists.

With turquoise waters, white sand, and rocks or fine pebbles, they are often reminiscent of the far-off Caribbean. One of the best things about the island, part of the Heptannese island complex, is that fact that while it is an island, Lefkada is connected with mainland Greece via a floating bridge which means you can avoid the hassle of boarding a ferry, and the fares that go with it.

The Chora, as the capital of the island, is called, has a Venetian aura, while a cosmopolitan feel is also prevalent, especially after the ‘60s when Aristotle Onassis bought the small island of Scorpio. But it is its exotic beaches that have made Lefkada a top destination for Greeks and foreigners alike.

From the town of Lefkada to the cape at the southern tip of the island, the west side of the island is full of unique, enchanting, and beaches of rare beauty: white, high, and steep cliffs, all shades between green and blue, fine sand or white pebbles. Here are the four of the most popular, but if you really want to discover the island search around and you will be stunned with what you find.

Porto Katsiki

porto katsiki

It is the most famous beach in Lefkada. It is often included in lists of the best beaches in the world and the reason is the exotic blue-green colour, the steep white rocks, and its exotic scenery. It is about 40 km from the city and in the last part of the route, the road is very narrow and needs attention. The best way to reach the beach is by sea. There are small boats that leave Vasiliki during the summer for Porto Katsiki.

If you choose to go by road, after parking you will need to go down enough stairs to reach the sandy beach. But it will absolutely worth it. If you get there in the morning, you can find shade under the rocks, but as the day progresses, the sun will come across. Since the beach is west, it is ideal for sunset. It has sand and small pebbles and the waters deepen relatively quickly.



Nearly 2 km in total length, this stunning beach combines all the features of an exotic and unforgettable landscape and this is probably one reason to pick it even on busy summer days as its size means it is virtually never crowded.

It is probably more suitable for those who are more on the fit side, as you have to go down (and even worse come back up) the more than 300 steps required. But it is definitely worth it to be on this perfect sandy beach with fine pebbles, white sand, and turquoise waters. The distance from the city of Lefkada is 38 km.



It is one of the most easily accessible beaches of the island since the asphalt road reaches down to the beach. It is 16 km from the city of Lefkada and is organised with many beach bars, sunbeds, and umbrellas.

The sand here is a little thicker, the waters are crystal clear and turquoise. On the left of the beach, there are nice rocks, ideal for exploring with a snorkeling mask.



Access is only possible by boat from Agios Nikitas or via a trail after a 30-minute walk. That is why you will never see too many people on this beach, which has a fairly wide sandy beach.

The clear waters and the fine sand with the pebbles will make you fall in love with it. A good idea is to take all the necessary things with you (umbrella, water, and snacks) and calculate that it will last for several hours.