Wednesday, June 19 2024

Frontex to launch rapid border assistance for Greece on Wednesday

Frontex will launch its rapid border intervention for Greece by land and sea as of Wednesday, according to the EU border agency's spokesperson Ewa Moncure speaking to German news agency DPA.
Moncure said some 100 officials of emergency services would be dispatched to the Evros borders with Turkey starting next week, while the assistance to the Greek islands would consist mostly of ships or helicopters.

All EU countries have pledged their help, Moncure was quoted as saying, and the assistance has been scheduled for two months with the option of being extended.
Frontex's executive director announced on March 2 (Monday) that the request for emergency help had come on Sunday night by the Greek government, which was trying to manage the large numbers of migrants at its borders with Turkey which are also the EU's external borders.