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Gov’t announces support measures for new parents


The government has introduced a new set of measures to assist new parents in addressing the challenges posed by the current cost-of-living crisis. National Economy and Finance Minister Kostis Hatzidakis and Social Cohesion and Family Minister Sofia Zacharaki unveiled these measures on Monday.


According to Zacharaki, the increase is structured and varies from 400 to 1,500 euros as outlined below: 2,400 euros for the first child, resulting in a 400-euro increase; 2,700 euros for the second child, resulting in a 700-euro increase; 3,000 euros for the third child, resulting in a 1,000-euro increase; and for families with more than four children, the allowance is set at 3,500 euros, resulting in a 1,500-euro increase.

The increase and disbursement of the allowance are retroactive, encompassing children born in 2023. Payments will be made in April in two equal installments.


Hatzidakis stated that, in addition to the heightened childbirth allowance, the following measures will be enacted: an increase in the maternity allowance, an adjustment of income criteria for the heating allowance to 5,000 euros per child, the introduction of a social electricity tariff for children, and the restructuring of the child allowance for the public sector, with a 20 percent increase for the first child and a 50 percent increase from the second child onwards.