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Greece: A total of 17 tourist ports made progress in the last 12 months

marina ZEA
According to the Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias, 2022 was an excellent year for yachting. He noted that some categories, such as sailing boats and catamarans reached 100 percent and their performance in November exceeded the equivalent period in 2019, while speaking at the 2nd yachting conference.
Mr Kikilias also noted that "17 tourist ports had made progress in the last 12 months through the procedures of the Tourism Ministry's ports committee."
Closing, he announced that "the infrastructure development and upgrading programmes with RRF funding will we issued next month and will give a new breather to sea tourism," while adding that "the port funds should express an interest and take advantage of the roughly 130 million euros that we are offering for the upgrading of tourist ports".