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Greece: Dozens of illegal weapons seized in northern Greece

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[Photo released by the Greek Police]
Police forces in northern Greece have taken 14 suspects into custody after raids on more than a dozen properties turned up dozens of unlicensed weapons.
According to an announcement on Tuesday, raids on 14 houses and a warehouse in different parts of Florina yielded two submachine guns, 14 assault rifles, 19 pistols, 17 hunting rifles, 10 revolvers, eight bayonets and as many grenades. Officers also seized 8.8 kilograms of gunpowder, 3,240 rounds of ammunition, a taser and cans of pepper spray, among other contraband.
The raid followed a month-long investigation into the activities of the suspects, who have been identified only as being Greek nationals, aged between 44 and 77 years old.
Whether and how the suspects are connected was not made clear but they fall ace multiple charges, including customs violations.