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Greece Extends “Golden Visa” Program of €250,000 by 3 Months until July 31

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The “Golden Visa” program in Greece has been extended for an additional three months, allowing individuals who are not citizens of the European Union to acquire residency by purchasing a  property for €250,000. After this period, the minimum cost required to participate in the coveted program will increase to €500,000.
Investors from countries outside the EU will have three more months to secure deals to acquire properties at the current lower price limit of 250,000 euros, thereby securing the coveted residence permit (Golden Visa) but also the property of their choice in terms of location, before the minimum cost rises to €500,000.
In the recent law on the new immigration code of the Immigration Policy Ministry, published in the Government Gazette a few days ago, a provision is provided which stipulates that the time frame for signing a preliminary agreement (or even a final sale contract) at the existing price of €250,000 is extended from April 30, which was the deadline until now, to July 31, 2023, reports the Greek News daily Kathimerini.
Until then, interested investors can proceed with agreements to acquire properties in certain regions of Greece and Athens with a lower investment limit of €250,000.
From August 1 onward, and as long as no new extension is granted, those who wish to obtain a residence permit and at the same time want to acquire a property in the above areas will have to invest at least €500,000.
Those who have signed pre-agreements by July 31 will have until the end of 2023 to proceed with the signing of the definitive purchase and sale contracts and to apply for the issuance of a residence permit for themselves and their family members.
More than 65% of those looking for a Goden Visa in Greece comes from China
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