Wednesday, June 19 2024

Greece joins UNESCO’s decision-making club

Greece joins UNESCO’s decision-making club

Greece has joined the club of 21 countries that decide which monuments will be included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites.

It was appointed to a four-year term on the UNESCO World Heritage Committee at the 23rd session of the General Assembly at UNESCO headquarters in Parison November 24-26. Greece has held the same position twice previously, most recently in 1997-2003 (the term was then six years).

Greek experts will have a say and a vote together with Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Argentina, India, Japan and the other countries that form the Committee at a time when the great debate has opened about the dangers facing monuments from the climate crisis.

Meanwhile, the Culture Ministry is promoting the candidacy of the Zagori area (photo) to be registered among UNESCO’s Cultural Landscapes in January 2022, with Minoan Palaces on Crete and Mount Olympus to follow.