Sunday, June 23 2024

Greece: Male climber found unresponsive on Mt. Olympus

ολυμπος εκαβ
A man who was climbing Mt. Olympus and had been separated from a friend was found unresponsive, yesterday, Sunday.
The two had separated at 2,700 meters, below the 2,917-meter summit of Greece’s tallest mountain, with one man going all the way up and the subsequent victim say he would wait for his fellow climber to return.
When the climber returned from the successful summit attempt he did no find his friend at the agreed location. He immediately sent a missing report and, guided by the Hellenic Rescue Team, a rescue NGO staffed by volunteers, found his friend’s pickaxe and then his unresponsive friend in a ravine, at a location he couldn’t reach. The rescue team arrived and retrieved the fallen man.
The man is still unresponsive and was moved to a hospital at nearby Katerini.