Monday, July 22 2024

Greece: One fire every 10 minutes, a total of 300 fires in the last hours!

greece firefighters

"Every ten minutes we have a new fire," said Fire Brigade spokesman Vasilis Vathrakogiannis during an emergency briefing on the large fire in Vari-Koropi, which broke out a while ago in Attica.

HDN Newsroom

"We are constantly having new beginnings," Vathrakogiannis said.

According to the fire brigade spokesman, there were 300 new fire starts, which is almost one every ten minutes. As he pointed out, "in the last few hours we have constantly had new starts. Most of them were dealt with immediately in the first stage," he added, adding that it was a very difficult day today with many fires starting in many areas of the country.

Regarding the fire that broke out in Koropi, as Mr. Vathrakogiannis said, it started from low vegetation on Vari-Koropi Avenue, near the Evelpidon School and is in progress and stressed that "this fire spread rapidly in the wider area with the help of very strong winds whose gusts reached 8 Beaufort". For this reason, as he underlined, a warning message was initially issued by 112 and then two more messages for the evacuation of residents from the areas of Lambrika and Kitsi Koropi.

"With the assistance of Hellenic Police forces, where necessary, residents are evacuated because their safety is paramount. The forces operating are constantly being reinforced," he noted. In particular, as it was known by the Fire Brigade, 72 firefighters are currently operating with 2 teams of hiking departments, 28 vehicles, 4 aircraft and 6 helicopters.

At the same time, Mr. Vathrakogiannis said that another dangerous fire is in progress in Kranidi, Argolida, in which, as he said, strong ground and air forces are operating, while a short while ago a message was issued by 112 in order to evacuate residents from the area of Dardiza, Ermionida. In particular, the 112 message reads: "Forest fire in your area. If you are in the area of Dardiza, move away to Thermisia and Petrothalassa Ermioni. Follow the instructions of the authorities."

"We draw everyone's attention because fires quickly take on dimensions and become dangerous," Vathrakogiannis said.