Thursday, July 25 2024

Greece responds in ironic tone to Turkish FM Cavusoglu: We are pleased Turkey recognises EEZ rights of island

Circles in the Greek Foreign Ministry responded to statements made on Turkish TV by Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoglu regarding the Greek-Italian agreement, noting in a wry manner that Greece was pleased Turkey recognised that islands had their own EEZ and continental shelf. 

“We are pleased that Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoglu has expressed his satisfaction with the signing of the Maritime Delimitation Agreement between Italy and Greece, which fully guarantees the rights of the islands to their own continental shelf and EEZ, because this means a shift in the Turkish stance to this day, as it contradicts the adoption of the illegal Turkish-Libyan  memorandum”, the diplomatic sources underlined.


The Turkish Foreign Minister stressed in his statements that “Greece’s agreement with Italy does not concern the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean. In the EEZ agreement with Italy, however, Greece did not give full rights to the three islands in Cephalonia, Strofades and Othonos. That’s why Kotzias [ex GreekForeign Minister] criticised this agreement. ”

He described the agreement as “positive” for Turkey, saying “this is a positive thing for us and justifies our agreement with Libya. We in Libya may sign an agreement and take steps to conduct research and drilling on their continental shelf. “