Wednesday, June 19 2024

Greece to purchase Belharra frigates from France


The Belharra will eventually be the new Navy frigates, according to well-informed sources exclusively on OnAlert.


The French offer is considered the most appropriate as it meets the operational criteria of the Navy, provides an intermediate solution until the construction of the new frigates and at the same time gives a breath of life to the Greek shipyards. 

The strategic relationship that Athens and Paris have been building steadily over the past year has played a decisive role in the selection of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense.

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The acquisition of the French frigates is the largest armaments program ever implemented by the Armed Forces.

 Its total cost amounts to 5 billion euros. It includes the construction of four multi-role frigates together with their equipment, the modernization of the older ones, MEKO type and their technical support.

The agreement also provides for the acquisition of 2 modernized La Fayette frigates until the construction of the new ones is completed. 

Of the four new frigates of the Navy, two are expected to be built in Greek shipyards.

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 Features of the Belharra frigate.