Thursday, June 20 2024

Greece would be happy to participate in a humanitarian sea corridor to Gaza if certain conditions are met, PM tells Politico


Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis referred to the prospects of Greece's participation in a humanitarian sea corridor to Gaza provided that certain conditions are met, in an interview with "Politico" that is to be published in full on Thursday. The prime minister noted, among others, that "because of our geography, if we can deliver humantarian aid in an organised manner and ensure that this aid reaches those that really need it, we will be happy to do so."

Speaking ahead of a peace summit in Paris on Thursday, Mitsotakis noted that a Greek plane carrying humanitarian aid had landed in Egypt a few hours earlier and said that Greece was willing to explore the possibility of a sea corridor, provided that the complete safety of all parties involved is assured and the ships can reach Gaza with safety.

According to the Greek prime minister, "the advantage of a sea corridor is that you can collect a great deal more humanitarian aid on a ship than in a truck. Consequently, if the logistics work and such a prospect is truly convenient, instead of transporting humanitarian aid by plane and then loading it onto trucks, if something like that is possible and can be done with the maximum possible safety, I would be very happy if we participated in such an initiative."