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Greek Easter is coming: 3+1 alternative and healthy gifts!

greek easter gifts herbal tea from greece

Every year we try to figure out what our loved ones would want for an Easter gift. We spend hours and hours searching for the perfect gift -which we falsely think should be pricey and fancy- and we end up getting something we don’t even like. Why? Because we shop based on what “trends” say.

This year try something healthy, something sustainable, something meaningful!

Here is our list:

1. Bake a Vegan Greek Easter Bread (tsouréki). Add a little Greek food to your Easter traditions and try this vegan tsouréki! We found a special vegan recipe for you that tastes way better than the traditional one (plus it's super healthy!). No eggs, no dairy, only flavorful spices like mastiha, cardamon, and mahlepi, orange zest, and a unique filling! Your family, friends, colleagues, and everyone else, will love this handmade gift!

vegan ebook social cover min


 2. Gift an eco box full of herbal tea blends from Greece! We love the Greek Easter tea blend with Mastic Tears, Greek Mountain Tea & Chamomile from Greek Superherbs. Greek Superherbs is a Greek-woman-owned business, with wild, handpicked, and ethically sourced herbs from Greece. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, was a huge supporter of Greek herbs and based his methods on 'vis medicatrix naturae' – the healing power of nature. So check out these unique blends and give the healthiest Easter gift of all.

mastiha tea greek easter tea


3. Make a personalized Gift Box with Greek delicacies. We recently discovered Zelos Greek Artisan, a small online business with carefully selected premium or all-natural & organic Greek food products. There are so many options to choose from. We personally love their organic sea fennel (kritamo) and their artisanal pasta.

zelos greek artisan  

...and an alternative one:

4. Make a donation to a Greek dog shelter in the gift recipient's name. They will feel extremely good about themselves when they see a postcard featuring the dog they helped through your donation, and they will be also motivated to do the same thing. Sometimes all we need is love and not things. Dog's Voice & A little Shelter - non-profit organizations for the protection of stray animals in Greece- do an amazing job and they really need our help.


We hope you choose the best gift! Happy Greek Easter.