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Greek Elections - PM Mitsotakis: I claim the parliamentary majority

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The only elections we have is on May 21 with simple proportional representation. I will respect the Constitution. What I will do with the mandate will depend on the election result. The election result will indicate the next moves, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in an interview with ANT1 TV today.
Mitsotakis said that "we have major differences with the PASOK party of (its leader Nikos) Androulakis" adding that "today PASOK is closer to SYRIZA."
"I claim the parliamentary majority and I believe I will achieve it. Of course the people are always the ultimate judge," he stressed.
On the measures announced on Sunday and specifically the family allowances, he said that they are a specialization of the measures that have already been announced.
Mitsotakis noted that the hike in prices will begin to subside underlining that the increases in salaries and the reductions in taxes will be permanent.
The prime minister said that his personal wager is the restructuring of the health system. "We must hire 10,000 nursing staff and doctors and we must do it fast."
On speculations of co-exploitation in the Aegean, he said that the only difference we have with Turkey is the delimitation of the maritime zones and "there is no way to discuss any other issue, it is out of the question with me as prime minister."
Finally, he said that these elections will be held with proportional representation and the framework of the debate is for all parties to participate equally.