Friday, June 21 2024

Greek Elections - Tsipras: Government announcements of last-minute benefits show panic

tsipras open
Main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Alexis Tsipras today that the benefits announced by the prime minister, such as the 150 euros for young people, show "panic", at an interview with Open TV.
"With 50 and 150 euros, no one was saved. This could also boomerang on them," Tsipras said commenting on the announcement made yesterday, 10 days after the presentation of the government programme. He added that this "does not show seriousness", nor does it give the "image of a galloping party", as the opinion polls show.
He added, in fact, that the new announcements for last-minute benefits respond "to very well elaborated positions" of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance. "The problem of young people will not be solved with 150 euros", he noted, stressing that the problems of young people are related to their studies, i.e. the minimum university admission basis, the housing crisis in Greece, which is the biggest problem compared to other countries of the EU and with working conditions, flexible relations and low wages.
Tsipras also referred to the party's proposals for dealing with the demographic problem, which include support measures for mothers, such as the doubling of the allowance, and for new couples.