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Greek expatriates to cast votes abroad ahead of the elections in Greece

greece elections expats
A total of 22,816 Greeks residing abroad will participate in voting on May 20, one day prior to the general elections scheduled for May 21. 
The voting process will take place in 99 electoral divisions established across 85 cities in 35 countries worldwide, where electoral committees consisting of a judicial authority representative as the president and three electors will oversee the proceedings. 
Voting centers primarily include Greek authority buildings, such as offices of the Greek Orthodox Church, Greek community premises, clubs, or other Greek organizations. 
Unlike domestic voters, Greeks living abroad do not mark a preference cross beside candidate names. 
Once the polls are closed, the electoral committees will tally the sealed files without opening them. Subsequently, the election bags containing the expatriates’ ballots will be transported the following day to Athens International Airport, accompanied by the police, and then to the Athens Court of Appeal. 
It is at this point, after the closure of polls in Greek territory, that the bags will be opened, and the votes will be sorted. [AMNA]