Friday, May 24 2024

Greek Fire Brigade on Alert: Huge fire on Crete

Fotia kriti thermokipio

A huge fire has broken out few hours ago in a mountainous area near Schinokapsala in Ierapetra, Crete. Aerial means have just entered the battle with the flames, while there is one seriously injured man in intensive care and many material damages, already. An alarm has been set at the Fire Brigade for fuel in the area.

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The fire near Ierapetra, Crete, which broke out in the morning (local Greek time), has caused damages to houses and seriously injured one person.

According to information, this is a 74-year-old man with breathing problems from the village of Mavros Kolimbos who suffered burns. Reports indicate that the elderly man left the village during the evacuation, and then returned to the village with the intention of protecting his home. The man was taken to hospital by EKAV and is being treated as a precaution by intubation in the ICU due to his history.

The fire front started near Schinokapsala in Crete and caused several damages to houses. The extinguishing efforts are made difficult by the strong winds of up to 8 Beaufort intensity that blow in the area.

According to the Fire Brigade, the picture on the fire front in the west, towards Ierapetra, is improved.

So far, 130 firefighters with teams of hikers, 24 vehicles and 3 helicopters are working to extinguish the fire in Mavro Kolimbos, but they are struggling to operate due to the winds. The Civil Protection of the municipality of Ierapetra has also been mobilized in the area, while dozens of volunteers have also rushed to help with the extinguishing efforts.

A short while ago a message was sent by 112: "If you are in the area of Achlia, Agia Fotia, Galini, move away to Koutsouras"

According to the latest information, strong north winds have been blowing in the area in recent hours, strengthening the front towards the sea near residential areas.
fwtia kriti

The fire has spread and has begun to burn greenhouses, while all 7 vehicles of the Ierapetra Fire Brigade are at the scene and forces have been called from all over Lassithi and Heraklion as an alarm has been set at the Fire Brigade for fuel in the area.

The mobilization of fire brigades with vehicles and men from Ierapetra and Agios Nikolaos is great at this time.

There are 2 more fires in progress, one in the area of Ammoudara near the village of Myrtos and the other in grassland in Males, Ierapetra.

The Mayor of Ierapetra, Manolis Frangoulis, who is at the scene along with Deputy Mayors and the Civil Protection of the Municipality, told Creta24 that aerial means are operating at the scene as a fire is burning in an inaccessible area and there is no road network for the Firefighters to reach.

The investigation is currently being conducted into whether the fire was caused by negligence (e.g. burning grass) or with arson intent.