Thursday, June 20 2024

Greek fire service confirms no threat to settlements in Chios

fotia xios
The fire that broke out near the settlement of Diefcha in the northwestern part of the island of Chios, late on Sunday, is confirmed that poses no threat to settlements.
HDN Newsroom
As a precautionary measure, a message was sent to the residents of Diefcha and nearby Katavasi through the emergency number 112, instructing them to relocate to the village of Volissos.
The firefighting forces in the region received early reinforcements on Monday.
Currently, a total of 90 firefighters are actively combating the fire, working in 6 ground teams. Notably, 10 firefighters arrived by boat from Lesvos, while 27 others traveled by air from Athens. The firefighting efforts also involve 18 water tanks, 5 aircraft, and 4 helicopters, one of which is dedicated to coordination. Additionally, voluntary firefighters are providing assistance.