Thursday, June 20 2024

Greek-French Defence Treaty reveals Turkish anxiety – Turkish Foreign Ministry accuses Greece of ‘maximalist stance’


Turkey issued a warning in the form of a veiled threat against Greece, in a statement made by Turkish Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Tanju Bilgiç, regarding the recent Greece-France defence agreement and the acquisition of three Belharra French frigates.

The statement accuses Greece of adopting “maximalist positions” regarding maritime zones and airspace, while it notes that Greece is opting to militarily arm itself “instead of cooperating” thus attempting to alienate Turkey.

“Greece’s maximalist positions on maritime zones and airspace are against international law,” said a spokesman for the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

“Greece dreams that it can, by forming military alliances create problems within NATO, and be able to impose its positions on Turkey.”

“Such futile efforts are essentially increasing our determination to defend our rights in the Aegean, in the Mediterranean, as well as the rights of the Turkish Cypriots. Greece, instead of cooperating, is arming itself, is trying to alienate Turkey, and this will cause damage to the EU, to regional peace and stability,” Tanju Bilgiç concludes.

Meanwhile, Greece and France briefed the Committee of Permanent Representatives in the European Union (COREPER) on the signing of the Security and Defence Treaty, and according to a European diplomatic source, “it will enable further contribution to European defence and Euro-Atlantic security.”

“It is a strategic partnership that strengthens the Greek-French ties with full respect for the commitments within the EU and NATO. No one has said that such a strategic partnership is incompatible with an alliance,” the source added.