Sunday, June 23 2024

Greek lawyer arrested for spreading misinformation about Covid


A Greek lawyer was arrested after he was accused of spreading misinformation about Covid (based on the recently updated criminal code on public health) and incitement to disobedience (misdemeanors) following orders by the Athens Prosecutor’s Office.

The arrest of the lawyer, named Nikos Antoniadis, came after the cybercrime Directorate had sent a complaint to the prosecutor’s office with attached electronic files, in which he allegedly claimed that there is no coronavirus, that the patients’ intubation is done for no reason and that the vaccines have side effects.

The prosecutor’s office ordered an urgent preliminary examination last Tuesday, during which the arrest of the lawyer was ordered. The lawyer was released due to the fact that he is a lawyer and has special jurisdiction.

Today, the relevant case file was returned to the Prosecutor’s Office by the police department who is re-examing the file to decide on possible further actions. That is, whether he will proceed with the criminal prosecution or whether he will continue the preliminary investigation.