Friday, June 21 2024

Greek military on Turkey’s borders are on “Red alert” over the Christmas holidays

The Greek Armed Forces are raising the level of vigilance over the Christmas holidays with an emphasis on volatile areas, New Post reported.

In all the remote islands and rocky islets that Ankara is targeting, and in Evros where the risk of provocation is always one full of possibilities for the land border guards, the command is clear – full vigilance.

The endless NAVTEX (a naval warning announcement) made by Turkey essentially pushes for the Greek islands to be turned into a so-called neutral zone.

In conjunction, the exercises that they repeatedly announce either near Kastelorizo ​​or in the central Aegean, in combination with the inflammatory statements by Turkish officials, do not allow complacency.

In the coming days, the Commander-in-Chief of the Greek military, Konstantinos Floros, will begin a series of visits to remote islands and outposts.

This is to signal increased vigilance and not the slightest relaxation during these festive days.

After all, Turkey has shown that they do not respect religious holidays such as Christmas and Easter, and they often take the opportunity to provoke Greece with overflights or other actions.

Search and rescue incidents, for example often give them the opportunity to challenge many times in a dangerous way their claims on islands east of the 25th meridian.

The presence of the Commander in the Aegean, apart from being symbolic, also has an essential reason since from the time he took over the leadership of the army, he attached great importance to strengthening the National Guard, especially in small islands.

After all, since February when the immigration crisis was on the rise, the island’s National Guards were strengthened.

Since then, the vigilance remains at high levels, especially when in the summer the Turkish provocation hit “red alert”.

The spearhead is the Special Forces and Special Operations Units, which have taken on the key role of monitoring every Turkish movement 24 hours a day and rapidly strengthening the defense of even the smallest Greek rocks in the Aegean.

With reinforced personnel, and lately the Amphibious Paratroopers, they are constantly on alert from Lesvos and Samos to Rhodes and Kastelorizo.

The boats of the heavily armed amphibious commandos are constantly moving in the “hot” areas and declare their presence by acting as a deterrent to any provocative action.

In several cases, in fact, they have not hesitated to arm the 50-gauge machine gun when they found an attempt by Turkey to move into Greek territorial waters.

A similar presence is even more discreet and has teams from Special Operations Units that are quietly in the first line of deterrence.

On every Greek rock, even of a few square meters, at any time there can be hidden commandos and they can stay there for days.

Exercises and operational training with scenarios for the defense or recapture of islands and islets are continuous day and night despite Turkish cries asking to stop all the activity of the National Guards in remote Greek islands.