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Greek Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection announces measures to fight fires in Greece  

 kikilas measures fires
Greek Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Vassilis Kikilias, announced measures to fight fires in Greece that include forest bans and Armed Forces patrols.
HDN Newsroom
Measures that include a ban on circulation in specific regions' mountain and urban forests and other locations prone to fires are some of the decisions made at an extraordinary interministerial meeting held at the Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Ministry earlier on Monday on the fires raging in Greece.
Chaired by Minister Vassilis Kikilias, participants included ministers (State, Environment, Citizen Protection, Shipping), security forces chiefs (Fire Brigade, Armed Forces, Hellenic Police, Port Authority), and the head of the National Intelligency Service (EYP). They decided that all services and the army will patrol areas under threat of fire, while the orders for evacuation through the emergency number 112 should be strictly enforced.
The situation is critical, Kikilias said: "The last 48 hours as well as the next 48 hours have proven highly critical as gale-force winds and high temperatures create extensive fire fronts, since the sources of the fires cannot be easily placed under control. As of midnight yesterday, 53 forest fires broke out, and in Evros Region alone 14 separate fires broke out. The situation in Alexandroupolis and Dadia, as well as the large fires that broke out simultaneously in Evia, Kavala, Viotia, and Komotini, are very difficult."
The announced measures include:
- A ban on visits to mountains and forests near urban areas in Attica Region, Viotia, Evia, Kavala and Thessaloniki at least until 08:00 on Wednesday.
- More frequent patrols by Armed Forces officials in all of the above areas and at areas with a high likelihood of fire.
- A ban on all outdoor activities that could start a fire.
- Strict observation of evacuation orders through 112, as the danger of entrapment by fires and subsequent loss of life is very high.
- If necessary, "every possible means will be utilized in order to support the efforts of all operationally involved forces," Mr Kikilias said.