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Greek MP calls for complete ban of Islamic burqa and niqab

New Democracy MP Konstantinos Bogdanos has called for legislation to abolish the burqa and the niqab to restore the country’s legal culture and protect women in the Muslim community.

Mr. Bogdanos, in a question submitted to Greek Parliament, noted that “the increasingly common image in Greece – and especially in the centre of Athens – of women wearing Muslim clothing, burqa, and niqab, which cover the entire human body, the head and face raises concerns”.


In his proposal/question, he explained that “although the burqa and the niqab are adopted in accordance with Islamic imperative, the issue does not concern the state from a religious point of view. However, the burqa and the niqab are both a security problem, as they can make anyone invisible to citizens and authorities, as well as a violation of women’s rights when they are forced to wear them – something unacceptable to the prevailing culture of our country, as well as for its legal culture. It should be noted that several liberal European democracies in the last decade have made legal arrangements to regulate the phenomenon.”

The MP of the A ‘Athens district pointed out that “Greece is and must remain a safe country, where women are absolutely equal and free citizens” and asks the competent minister: “Are Muslim women’s clothing burqa and niqab, which conceal from public view all human characteristics a matter for public and parliamentary consultation, for a legislative solution to the problems they create? If so, what actions are deemed appropriate in the aforementioned direction?”