Friday, May 24 2024

Greek MP Konstantinos Floros released after testifying to magistrate for hitting another MP in the Greek Parliament

floros vouli

Independent MP Konstantinos Floros, formerly of the opposition Spartiates party, was released after testifying today before an examining magistrate regarding accusations that he had physically assaulted a fellow MP, Elliniki Lysi deputy Vasilis Grammenos, in the colonnade surrounding the Parliament.

HDN Newsroom

Both the examining magistrate and prosecutor handling the case imposed a restraining order upon the MP, which forbids him from approaching Vasilis Grammenos at a distance of less than 50 metres.

Sources said that Floros, who is facing criminal charges that carry a penalty of up to 10 years imprisonment, expressed his regret over the incident while denying that he had punched Grammenos.

Testimony in the case was also given by independent MP Dionysis Valtogiannis, who was present in the room and during the debate in Parliament, who said that Grammenos had addressed the accused in "an obscene manner".