Monday, July 15 2024

Greek power system to be put to the test

Greek power system to be put to the test

Greece’s power grid will be put to the test in the coming days due to the imminent first heat wave of the summer, which will lead to an increase in electricity consumption, mainly due to air conditioners, and because Gazprom will stop the flow of natural gas between June 21 and 28 for scheduled maintenance of the TurkStream pipeline.

Although Gazprom’s announcement did not find the Greek market unprepared, since it is a planned annual maintenance for which the competent authorities were informed in time, authorities are nonetheless on alert given the current situation. It was only last week that there was a reduction of gas flows through the Nord Stream pipeline to Germany, France, Italy and Slovakia, with Gazprom citing technical reasons.

Bearing these circumstances in mind, and given that no one can rule out the possibility that Gazprom will launch similar obstacles for the TurkStream pipeline, as part of a tactical move, the competent authorities in Greece reportedly cannot afford to be complacent.

Nonetheless, for the period until the completion of the planned maintenance of the pipeline, the smooth supply to Greece is reportedly fully guaranteed.

What’s more the Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator (DESFA) will take advantage of the situation to proceed with the maintenance of the Greek system at the entry point of Sidirokastro from June 21 to 25. In addition, gas importing companies already had the foresight to order increased LNG loads.

Tellingly, in June and until Monday, seven large LNG loads arrived at the Revithoussa facilities, while two from DEPA and three from Mytilineos are expected from Tuesday until June 26.

In the extreme case that there is a complete cessation of Russian gas, the lignite units of PPC will work at full capacity, with stocks that can support continuous operation for 1.5 to two months. Four large natural gas units that can operate on alternative fuel will run on diesel.