Saturday, June 15 2024

Greeks pay more for basic goods

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Unfortunately, Greece is among the most expensive countries in Europe for basic food items, detergents and personal hygiene products.

Eva Metis Koutoumanou

Prices in Greece have engaged in a frantic rally while comparison with the US, Great Britain, France and Turkey is shocking.

According to an ANT1 survey:

-a 450ml shower gel in Greece costs 5.49 euros while in England 3.39 euros.

-a dish soap of 325ml in Greece we will find it 2.86 euros while in England 1.15 euros.

-50 ml deodorant in Greece is sold 5.08 euros while in Turkey 4.93 euros

-fabric softener in Greece, after 50% discount we will buy it 5.59 euros, when in France its original price is 5.45 euros.

"Every day they (prices) increase, every week I find a different price," a consumer tells ANT1.

"The same products in Greece, if you find them in supermarkets in Germany that have higher incomes, are cheaper even at half the price," consumers say.

The product in which Greece seems to be a champion in accuracy is cooking cubes. A package of 8 pieces in Greece costs 1.84 euros, in Turkey 1.22 euros, in England 1.65 euros, while only in the USA it costs 2 cents more expensive, at 1.86 euros.

It is also worth noting that while prices in Greece are higher than in many other European countries and in England, wages in Greece are significantly lower than in the corresponding countries where basic living products are much cheaper!

Recently, two multinational giants were fined in Greece with

⦁ Fine of 1.000.000 euros to the company "PROCTER & GAMBLE HELLAS SINGLE MEMBER LTD".
⦁ Fine of 1.000.000 euros to the company "ELAIS UNILEVER HELLAS SA".

As ANT1 reports, 6 more multinationals are examined by the Greek price control authorities.