Saturday, June 15 2024

Hospitals feel mounting pressure from virus surge


The seasonal spike in viruses, which became more pronounced during the holidays, has, as anticipated, increased the pressure on Greece’s hospitals. Driven by Covid-19, the epidemic wave of viruses – including influenza, RSV, rhinoviruses and adenoviruses – is expected to peak in the next two weeks.


Hospitals serving emergency duty, and especially pediatric ones, have been under extreme pressure, with patients looking at long waits for medical attention. There has also been a sharp increase in requests for antiviral treatment.

According to Athens University epidemiologist Gkikas Magiorkinis, Covid-19 cases are five times higher than other viruses, coinciding with the arrival of the more transmissible JN.1 subvariant. He added that this is the most significant outbreak since the summer of 2022 in Greece, in terms of speed, as positivity and hospital admissions have risen in a short period of time.