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Huge wildfire in northern Greece with 8 villages evacuated and heavy smoke over Alexandroupolis

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Greek authorities evacuated, last night, eight villages near the northeastern border with Turkey, in Evros, where a large wildfire is burning out of control. The situation is made even more difficult because of the high winds in the area.
HDN Newsroom
The Hellenic Fire Service announced that more than 130 firefighters, assisted by 14 water-dropping planes and three helicopters, were struggling to contain the blaze and reinforcements were being sent from other parts of the country.
The forest fire broke out early Saturday near the village of Melia, east of the town of Alexandroupolis.
There were no immediate reports of injuries to firefighters or residents, but authorities said some houses suffered damages in two of the eight evacuated villages.
Earlier, a section of a major highway in the area was closed down due to heavy smoke.
Residents of Alexandroupoli were also advised to keep their windows closed due to smoke blown over the town from the fire.