Tuesday, July 16 2024

IKARIA: Turk makes “cut throat” gesture to Greek fisherman, destroys equipment


video from Fourni, Ikaria showed an episode that a Greek fisherman had with a Turk in the Greek territorial waters in Ikaria.

In the video taken by the Greek fisherman, he is shown arguing with the Turk in Fourni on September 11.

In the excerpt, the Greek fisherman reveals that the Turk was illegally in Greek territorial waters.

“These scenes are happening all the time, they do not care about anything, neither international waters, nor anything.  I went to him because he took some nets from me,” he said.

According to the Greek fisherman, the Turkish fisherman went out on the deck of his boat and gestured that he would cut his throat.

The Greek fisherman revealed that over 3,000 euros of nets and tools were destroyed, while his boats engine burned out, costing 6,000 euros.