Monday, July 22 2024

Illegal migration alarmingly increased on the island of Rhodes


With inflatable boats used by smugglers from Turkey, migrants have begun again "landing" illegally on the island of Rhodes. According to the residents, the migrants who arrive illegally on the island are exclusively young men and the residents are now talking about an organized plan.

Alina Loi

Boats with migrants are unfortunately again a frequent phenomenon on Gennadi beach, as the locals say.

In the past few days, smugglers have brought 40 migrants to Lindos and the number is constantly growing. Video obtained by STAR shows migrants diving into the sea and local residents looking on in bewilderment.

In another video, migrants are recorded wandering unhindered on the streets of the island!

Gennadi, Kiotari and Kattavia are some of the destinations preferred by smugglers from Turkey for the landing of illegal immigrants, exclusively men between 18 and 35 years old, on the island of Rhodes.

And the Greek government was once again deafeningly absent.