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"Incomplete and inadequate" the training of the Larissa station master

 tempi train
The theoretical and practical training provided to the station master on duty at the time of the Tempi rail collision was "both incomplete and inadequate", according to the findings of an investigation by the Regulatory Authority for Railways (RAS) released today.
According to a RAS announcement, it's investigation was unable to confirm that those attending the course received correct and complete theoretical and practical training, which met the standards of the Study Guide.
As a result, RAS unanimously voted to take temporary emergency measures, including demanding that OSE not employ the staff from the training course.
The training of staff is the responsibility of OSE, which RAS only involved in approving the course curriculum proposed by OSE.
It also called on the Hellenic Railways Organisation (OSE) to not use the staff that took and passed the same training course in roles of critical responsibility.