Saturday, June 15 2024

International Conference in New York: "The Marbles of the Parthenon and the Myth of the World Museum"

International Conference in New York: "The Marbles of the Parthenon and the Myth of the World Museum"

One of New York's most prominent law schools (Cardozo Law School, Yeshiva University), the distinguished Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal, the Benjamin B. Ferencz Center for Human Rights and Atrocity Prevention Clinic, and the FAME Science Center , co-organize on Thursday, April 28, an international conference on "The Parthenon Marbles and the Myth of the World Museum" ("The Parthenon Marbles Case and the Universal Museum Myth: Policies and Politics").

The theory of the "world museum" that appears in the title of the conference is in fact the main and constantly repeated argument of the British Museum against the return of the Marbles from 2004 until today.

According to this British Museum claims that “The approach of the Acropolis Museum and the British Museum is complementary: the Acropolis Museum provides an in-depth view of the ancient history of its city, the British Museum offers a sense of the wider cultural context and continuous interaction with the neighboring cultures of Egypt and the Near East that contributed to the unique achievements of ancient Greece.

In essence, the British Museum claims that the Acropolis Museum tells the story of Athens while the British Museum tells the story of world cultural heritage and therefore its purpose is 'superior' to that of the Acropolis Museum and legitimizes its preservation in its collection. objects such as the Marbles of the Parthenon. This is another topic that will be discussed at this conference.

From Greece will speak two excellent experts on the subject: Elena Korka, Honorary Director of Antiquities of the Ministry of Culture who for years handled the issue of Marbles after the late Melina Mercouri and the professor of law at the University of Nicosia, Irini Stamatoudi, who since 1999 and He then participated from time to time in the negotiations with the British and has been a member of various Advisory Committees of the Ministry of Culture on the issue of the Parthenon Marbles.

Ms. Stamatoudi has a background in antiquities and the return of antiquities from America as she had successfully undertaken the return to Greece of important antiquities from the Getty Museum in Los Angeles and the collection of Leon Levy and Shelby White from New York. These antiquities include a golden Macedonian wreath of the 4th BC. ai. which is said to have come from the same laboratory as that of Philip on display in Vergina.

Speakers at the conference include Cardozo Law School Professor of Constitutional Law David Rudenstine, Patty Gerstenblith, DePaul College of Law, and President of the American Blue Shield, Colgate University Professor Elizabeth Marlowe, Colorado, Kristen Carpenter, Kris Tytgat, president of the International Parthenon Marble Reunion Association, and internationally renowned antiquities advocates such as Joe Baker, Lawrence Kaye, Leila Amineddoleh, and Michael McCullough.

The conference will be greeted by the Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni.