Thursday, June 20 2024

Kalamata Coast Guard launches inquiry into migrant shipwreck with confirmed dead at 79

greece migrants accident
Kalamata Coast Guard announced today the launch of an inquiry into the sinking of a boat carrying hundreds of migrants in international waters off the coast of the Peloponnese, 47 nautical miles southwest of Pylos.
According to an announcement "there is not a specific number of arrests of persons suspected of being the traffickers of the irregular migrants on board the fatal fishing boat."
It also amended the confirmed body count, saying the number of bodies recovered was 78 and not 79. The number of people missing remains unknown.
Meanwhile, a search-and-rescue operation to locate more persons missing at sea continued through the night in the area around the shipwreck, without success, as the number of persons rescued remains at 104 and no new dead bodies were recovered. Two coast guard vessels, a helicopter and six ships sailing in the area were participating in the search.
About 30 dead bodies were loaded onto refrigerator trucks at Kalamata port and samples will be taken from them for DNA analysis to aid in identification.
The survivors that were not taken to hospital spent the night in a specially adapted area in the port.
Police, fire brigade and coast guard vehicles and personnel arrived at the port early in the morning to provide assistance in the operation, along with trucks bringing food and water.
The survivors of the shipwreck are all men, aged between 16 and 40 years old, and the problems reported were mainly hypothermia, fainting and hypoglycemic episodes and pneumonia.
Many relatives who fear their loved ones were on board the fishing vessel have been desperately appealing for information, with some arriving at Kalamata port.