Monday, July 15 2024

Karpathos' only school closes after 63 years due to lack of students

 karpathos school
 The brave Greek teacher on the remote island with the two sole young pupils of the school
The primary school on the remote Greek island of Karpathos, in the southern Aegean, will not open its doors this coming September after 63 years as it has only two pupils.
Located in Diafani, the primary school and kindergarten in the area was built in 1960, with money from the prefecture and Michael Avdellis. 
It had about 100 pupils. In 1994 painting work on its walls was undertaken by the local folk painter Vassilis Hatzivassilis. 
With her arrival in 2022, substitute teacher Theodora Koukourikou embarked on a campaign to help repair the decrepit school building.
Contributions poured in from all over Greece, while chairs, curtains and technical equipment were donated to ensure the school’s connection to the internet.
But despite all efforts, the school on the remote island will now have to close its doors.
The two sole young students of Karpathos will have to move to a nearby school.